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Monday, 5 February 2018

The Ghosts of Cockleshore Castle

Five stories in three books telling of the adventures of the ghosts who haunt Cockleshore Castle. Read about -
1. Septimus who loses his haunting skills and goes on a working holiday to recover. What will he do when the Spectre Detectors arrive?

2.Horace, the shipwrecked sailor who ends up on a cruise to Majorca and solves a mystery.
3.Edward the ghostly librarian who calls on the other ghosts to help him scare some thieves.

4.Mary and Maisie, the cook and the kitchen maid who go off on a cookery course to find some new recipes and encounter some fishy goings on.
5.Elmer J Wutherington who has evil plans for the ghosts and the castle. Will Septimus and his friends survive?

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