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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Mary, Maisie and the Missing Master Chef / Conflict at Cockleshore Castle

Mary and Maisie have been cooking for a long time - over 350 years! They're both ghosts at Cockleshore Castle where they haunt and entertain the visitors together with their ghostly friends.
When a famous master chef holds a cookery course at Cockleshore's Grand Hotel, Mary sees the opportunity to spice up her menu. While she sneaks in to learn some new recipes, Maisie makes friends with Charlie, the master chef's daughter. At first things seem to be going well, but a series of fishy events mean that  the cookery course could be a recipe for disaster...

When you've finished this exciting story, just flip the book over for the concluding part of the 'Ghosts of Cockleshore Castle' series : Conflict at Cockleshore Castle.

There's trouble at Cockleshore Castle and it looks like sabotage. But why? The ghosts are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. Septimus, Edward and Horace discover the truth : the sabotage means that the castle could be sold to Elmer J. Wutherington who has horrible plans for it - and for the ghosts. What will become of them?
With the help of friends they've made, they hatch a plan to thwart Wutherington... but will they be able to save the Cockleshore Castle? 

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