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Sunday, 30 August 2020


 'Back at the manor...'

William and Thomas are at it again - solving crimes, uncovering mysteries and munching their way through a seemingly endless supply of Ginger Nuts!

What is the true meaning of the secret message?

Who has stashed a locked trunk in the old house and what's inside?

Who is stealing pedigree dogs?

How will they survive their adventure in a runaway balloon?

Can you help William and Thomas with their crazy enquiries? 

Saturday, 29 August 2020



'I'm William and I'm wearing these clothes because I was a night watchman at the time of Good Queen Bess. I'm a ghost you see!

With his young friend Thomas, and a great detective for inspiration, William sets out to investigate mysterious happenings in and around Hardleigh Manor, all with a little help from his readers..

Can William stop the bicycle thief? Who is causing the sabotage at the Hardleigh Hotel? Floods, false trails, enormous exploding marrows and suspects upended in pig swill - all in a day's work for William!

Loaded with clue summaries, suspect lists and lots of action, readers can pitch in with the detective work and help William and Thomas in their efforts to become great detectives.

More details and how to buy can be found at Waterstones and on Amazon.