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Saturday, 4 July 2020

My Books

My books are suitable for children aged 7+. They have been enjoyed by boys and girls up to and including 11 years of age. They are fun ghost stories in two series:
.' Septimus Smythe and the Spectre Detectors'
'Horace and the Stowaway' /Edward and the Book Crooks'           (flip book with two stories)
'Mary, Maisy and the Missing Master Chef' /'Conflict at Cockleshore Castle' (flip book with two stories)

are the books about the adventures of the ghosts at Cockleshore Castle.

The other two books are about a ghost called William and a boy called Thomas.
'Watchman Willian Ghost Detective'
Watchman William Balloon Trouble!'

All of my books are available to buy at Waterstones, both in the stores and online. They are also sold by Amazon and there are some good offers at the moment!

You can read the blurb of all of my books on my website-