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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Horace and the Stowaway / Edward and the Book Crooks

Horace has been a ghost for over 400 years and he haunts the castle at Cockleshore Bay with is ghostly friends.The only thing is - he misses the sea.
One day, Horace goes to explore one of the ships that visits the bay but accidentally ends up on a cruise! Soon, Horace discovers he isn't the only stowaway on board, and with the help of his new friend William, sets out to discover what this mysterious stowaway is up to...

When you've finished this exciting story, just flip the book over to enjoy Edward and the Book Crooks

Together with his ghostly friends, Edward, the librarian,
entertains (and scares!) the tourists at Cockleshore Castle.
One day he notices tourists behaving suspiciously in the library, and with the help of his new friend, Hannah, decides to investigate. It turns out that they're book crooks and it's up to Edward to stop them...

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