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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Fun Reads for Christmas

 The Ghosts of Cockleshore Castle - five fun stories in three books. The stories tell the adventures of 

Septimus Smythe who loses his haunting skills

 Horace, a ghostly sailor, who finds himself on a trip to Majorca

 Edward, the ghostly librarian who sets out to stop some book thieves 

and  Mary and Maisie, the cook and the kitchen maid who solve the mystery of a missing master chef. 

In the final story, Conflict at Cockleshore Castle, all of the ghosts and friends they've made along the way, get together to stop something dreadful happening to the castle.   

Watchman William - Ghost Detective and Watchman William Balloon Trouble are two books each with five stories. William and his sidekick Thomas set out as detectives to solve mysterious crimes that happen in around the village of Little Hardleigh. 

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