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Monday, 4 September 2017

William Song!

I received this lovely song composed by a keen William fan. Sing along to the Jungle Book tune (I'm the King of the Jungle)

                                 You're the King of the Ghosts oh,
                                 How happy is my face?
                                 You're my friend and I will lend
                                A hand to solve this case.

(Chorus) :
                              Oh, woo oo oo, I wanna wail like you oo,
                              I wanna haunt like you, taunt like you, oo, oo.
                             You see it's true, oo, oo,
                             A friend like me,ee,
                             Can learn to be,
                            A sleu,oo,ooth, like you,oo, oo.

                           Now don't try to kid me William,
                          And I'll be honest with you,
                          I'll never cower, if I have the power,
                          To be as good as you.

(repeat chorus)              

                                                      Read this book and catch the crooks!            

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