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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

What does it cost to say thank you?

As a retired teacher and a writer of books for children, I feel very strongly about the importance of encouraging children to read. I often see posts about schools struggling to stock their libraries.
Last year I decided to donate a few books. I picked out ten schools at random. They were from different areas of the country. I sent each school a copy of one of my books as a gift for their library enclosing a note to explain. The packages were addressed to the head teachers. That was it - no strings. Only one acknowledged me.
A few months ago, I was approached by an ex pupil who told me that her child's school was struggling to stock their new library. I sent five books to help out. I received a lovely thank you from a year six pupil on behalf of all the children.
Recently, I donated five books to each of two schools attended by relatives of mine. The children, aged six and eight, were excited to take them in. Almost three weeks have passed and I have not received any acknowledgement from the schools.
Thirteen schools, twenty-five books, only two schools said thank you !!
It saddens me to ask what sort of examples are children being set these days?

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